Any product that is marketed as a drug needs to undergo some clinical trails under FDA regulations. HGH products are approved by FDA. The use of HGH for adults was approved in the year 1996. FDA has approved the use of HGH or anti-aging when the levels of HGH or IGF-1 are low due to the failure of pituitary gland. These products need to prove their effectiveness, safety and appropriate dosage. Medicines available by prescriptions are sold by licensed medical providers. HGH releasers that are injectable are available by prescription.

HGH medications available by prescription are for certain conditions like hormonal deficiencies causing stature in children, treatment of growth failure due to lack of secretion of HGH, long term treatment of short stature associated with Turnerís syndrome, adult short bowel syndrome, and muscle wasting disease associated with HIV/AIDS, Prader- Willi Syndrome, height problems in adolescence, renal problems. Products that have been approved by FDA for sale are available in the form of liquid or powders.

FDA though doesnít regulate dietary supplements. Most HGH supplements comply with FDA regulations and guidelines while they are manufactured in FDA licensed locations. FDA has very stringent policy about the use of HGH and also has clearly mentioned its possible uses and conditions of it. FDA approved labs undergo rigorous periodic inspections. Every bottle is required to have stamp with numbers and expiration date as well. This becomes easier to identify for a person whether the vendor is FDA approved or not.