Growth hormone deficiency is a condition in which a person’s body is unable to produce enough growth hormone for the normal growth of bone and muscle. There are various causes for this; the common causes are mutated genes or malformed pituitary gland. Most of the causes are unknown too. HGH deficiency in children leads to improper growth of bone and muscle development which in turn leads to stunted growth and underdeveloped muscles and short stature. Other common signs of HGH deficiency in children are low blood sugar, seizures, immature face.

HGH deficiency in adults leads to decreased density of muscles and bones and reduced energy. There are various ways to diagnose HGH deficiency. In small children the growth of the child may be monitored over a period of time to check any abnormality in growth. The presence of IGF-1 may also be tested in the body which is caused by the secretion of HGH.

The signs of HGH deficiency are: increased body fat, decreased lean muscle mass and energy, diminished immune system and libido, slower rate of healing, high blood pressure, not getting enough sleep, decreased bone mass and density, pain in joints, decreased cardiac output, loss of hair and hair colour, decline in strength, decline in mental function and memory, decline in eyesight.

The treatment of HGH deficiency has long lasting effects. If HGH is taking according to the prescription then the effects can be seen immediately. In a child the growth happens immediately. Taking HGH treatment improves the life of a child as well as adults significantly. Adults with high deficiency of HGH can take HGH medicines for the entire life. The growth is monitored every third or fourth month by endocrinologists who evaluate the condition of the patient first. Treatment in adults leads to improved bone density. The use of GH therapy has been approved by FDA. People who suffer from GH usually have poor sleep, short height, fatigue, low muscle strength and mental disorders. This therapy is opted for by people for treating the signs of aging. GH therapy is also given to people with pituitary mal-functions like pituitary tumors and muscle-wasting disease. HGH therapy also helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels and improves the blood pressure too. HGH therapy once started as a treatment cannot be stopped and needs to be continued.

Growth hormones continue to secrete throughout our lives. HGH deficiency is treated by replacing GH. HGH doses are also given initially through injections. These injections are given either subcutaneously or through muscles. HGH injections are very expensive though. An HGH injection does improve sleep patterns; lose all the extra body fat, mental alertness, improved sexual performance, clear concentration, improved vision and a younger looking skin. These injections help reverse the natural process of aging. These injections should be taken by prescription only. HGH injections should be taken in low doses and high doses should be taken with the doctor’s consultation. The HGH injections are normally taken daily and one has to visit the doctor.