What is HGH?

HGH, an abbreviation for human growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland located in the brain. The main function of this hormone is to stimulate growth cell production in humans. The other benefits of HGH include increase in height, increase in muscle mass, keeping bones strong and healthy, control of sugar and insulin levels, immunity against various diseases and various other functions too to keep one hale and hearty.

As we age advances, the problem that every one comes across is the reduction in the secretion of growth hormone. Further as we cross the age of thirty and above, the growth hormone secretion continues to reduce. The production of growth hormone being the highest in our childhood is at its peak at the time of puberty. It starts declining gradually over the period of time and as we age. The decrease in the levels of HGH in our bodies makes us look old and have problems such as loss of energy, diabetes, depression, loss of muscle mass, insomnia and other factors that are related to aging.

Increase in HGH levels does make the person look younger, full of energy and vitality. There are various methods by which HGH can be introduced in the body. They are:

HGH injections: HGH injections are pretty expensive and are taken two or three times a day. HGH injections might be of little risk as they are not available over the counter. A formal prescription is required from a recognized physician. Moreover these injections are synthetic and hence they will surely have side-effects.

Talking about HGH facts, HGH injections might not be a suitable option for many. Being very effective it is also very expensive, painful, requires prescription and has side-effects.

HGH Sprays: Whether these oral sprays work or not have no scientific evidence. Oral HGH sprays are therefore ineffective, distasteful and also leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

Some HGH facts on use of HGH supplements and releasers

HGH supplements or releasers: HGH releasers are an effective method of inducing HGH hormones in a person's body. They are like vitamins and are available in the form of tablets and pills. HGH releasers are natural and do not contain any synthetic substances. They are made from the combination of various natural ingredients and hence do not have any adverse side-effects. These natural ingredients activate the pituitary gland itself which is safe. No prescription is required as they have natural ingredients. HGH releasers are the best options and safest alternatives as compared to others as no harmful substance is introduced in the body.

Hence most of the HGH releasers are quite effective; they are cheaper than injections, do not require prescriptions and have no side-effects.

Which HGH supplement is good?

It is always essential to check the ingredients of the product before going for them. A variety of HGH herbal supplements are available in the market.

So far Sytropin and Genf20 are 100% natural products with no synthetic substances and produced in FDA approved labs. Likewise, GenF20 is made in GMP certified labs. GMP labs also maintain high standards of quality. Moreover these products come with money back guarantee, which means if you not satisfied you can always ask for the money back.