Hormone deficiencies occur mostly in the later part of life and result in adverse health conditions. HGH can be replaced and one can make life healthier. Human growth hormone is a natural hormone and is abundant during youth. The production of HGH declines with age. HGH is very important for normal growth. Doctors prescribe GH if the growth in a child is slow. Once supplemented the child grows in a normal way again.

In liver HGH metabolizes into somatomedin-C. According to studies supplementation of HGH for women in doses of 0.02- 0.03mg/kg body per weight per week has shown positive ovulation in women. Supplementing HGH in women who are obese has also shown positive results. The hormone has helped in increase of muscle mass, increased libido, high energy and overall well-being. Most of the medications used today by women for anti-aging also have side-effects. The magnitude of side-effects varies with the dose taken. Some of the side effects are:

1. Overgrowth of facial bone and the connective tissue called as Acromegaly, the bones of the jaw and eyebrow protrude
2. Abnormal growth of feet and hands can also occur because of Acromegaly
3. Use of HGH for a longer duration might lead to enlargement of heart.
4. HGH can also lead to Carpel tunnel Syndrome which might be dangerous and lead to paralytic attack. This can cause enlargement of heart and damage to the thyroid gland.
5. Pituitary gland may stop functioning if HGH is administered for a long time
6. Eyebrows become prominent and the skin turns oily
7. Water retention capacity might also increase
8. Blood sugar levels might decrease

There are benefits of HGH too. People taking 5 and 9 IUs weekly see greater results like enhanced sexual performance, hair re-growth, faster healing of wounds, decrease in blood pressure, elevation in mood, improved immune system, increased retention of memory, consistent improvement in the muscle to fat ratio consistently, fat loss in the abdomen, more endurance and less shortness of breath. It is safest for women to start with HGH dosage is 1 IU and the dose could gradually be increased.