By the age of 30, people experience deficiency of HGH. Decreased HGH symptoms include loss of muscle and an increase in fat. Low levels of HGH decreases physical mobility and reduce energy levels, diminish the healing ability, risk of cardiovascular disease and also lowers life expectancy of a person. HGH has a great rejuvenating effect on hair. Patients taking HGH treatment have experienced improvement in hair. According to a study, around two hundred patients reported to have new hair growth and others reported that their hair gained original color back.

HGH treatment has also led people to experience increased thickness and color of hair. Some HGH products available in the market today not only show significant improvement in the hair but also causes increased thickness and color. These products not only minimize gray hair but also are quite effective in reducing hair fall and receding hair line.

HGH does have an effect partially on hair. It helps in growth of the hair in bald places. Most research carried out have proved that HGH helps in growth of new hair and improves hair color. In many patients the texture and luster of hair has been restored and in some the original colour of hair too has been regained.