The effects of HGH on children have been studied by doctors and researchers for more than forty years now. Growth hormone was first observed and known by scientists in 1920’s. Prior to 1990 HGH was focused only on children. In 1958, HGH was applied on children who suffered from stunted growth by the scientists. The scientists realized that it was something to do with the growth hormone which was either not produced properly or had some defects. At that time the main source of HGH was pituitary glands of the dead people of Africa. It took them thousands of brains of the dead people to get few drops of HGH. This led the scientists look for alternative methods of synthetic HGH.

In the year 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman published his research studies on human growth hormone and the extension of life with HGH. He used synthetically manufactured HGH. He believed that the changes that are seen around the age of thirty five have to do with the changes in HGH levels. He also clearly stated that aging in humans is a result of HGH deficiency. In the year 1990, Dr. Daniel’s article became a mile stone in the treatment of anti-aging. In 1992, the National Institute on Aging felt encouraged by the theory of Rudman and carried out nine clinical experiments. They took five years to complete these experiments. The results proved Dr. Rudman’s theory to be correct. In 1993, the American Association for Anti-aging Medicine was formed. By the year 1996 Dr. Rudman now had about 800 HGH patients including renowned persons.

In the year 1960, the National Pituitary Agency was formed. This agency worked to better the acquisition and purification of cadaver-GH. Endocrinologists started using cadaver-GH on children with deficiency of HGH. In the year 1981, an American company Genetech collaborated with Swedish company Kabi and developed the first synthetic human growth hormone. In the year 1985, a bio-synthetic growth hormone was developed and approved by US Food and Drug Administration. Synthetic Recombinant Growth Hormone was used initially for children with deficient levels of growth hormone. However today it is easier to acquire with or without prescription. Body builders were the first to use RHGH. Finally in 1996, FDA approved the use of HGH in the treatment of children as well as adults.

HGH has become very popular now. Many athletes want to improve performance and many others want to improve their quality of life. This has led to the formation of many companies that are selling HGH.