HGH plays a significant role in one’s body. HGH is rightly called the fountain of youth. By the time a person reaches the age of 30, the levels of HGH starts dropping down. Nevertheless, a person’s diet can have a great impact on his HGH level. Food rich in carbohydrates should be consumed as they are rich in insulin.

Various tests are done to determine the levels of HGH. Somatotropin is a test that is used to determine the deficiency as well as the excess of HGH. Excess levels of HGH lead to gigantism and acromegaly. Deficiency or decrease in the levels of HGH will lead to stunted growth.

Somatotropin test is normally done to find out any deficiency of HGH as well as excess of it. The normal HGH level for males is 5ng/ml and for females is less than 10ng/ml, whereas in children it is 10ng/ ml.

Insulin like growth factors is a clear indicator of HGH level in the blood. Somatomedin –C is a test that is used to detect any abnormalities related to pituitary gland. The normal test result carried out for HGH levels is 42-100 ng/ml. Another HGH level test called as growth hormone stimulation test. This test is taken to check the ability of the body to produce growth hormone.

Growth hormone suppression test is another test carried out to test the baseline level of HGH. The normal test result for this type of HGH level is 3ng/ml. If the test result shows 5ng/ml then it is taken as acromegaly syndrome.