Human growth hormone in adults affects metabolism of the body. It also helps regulate fat metabolism, preventing storage of fat, metabolism of protein and carbohydrates and maintenance of sugar levels and also enables the production of new tissues. HGH also increases thinking and the power of the memory. Growth hormones also have a great effect on hair. The hair grows faster and becomes thicker.

HGH releasers affect the natural production and release of human growth hormone in the body. Some noticeable effects of HGH releasers are loss in weight, lower body fat, and increase in muscle mass, fewer wrinkles, banish depression and fatigue and stronger bones and speedy recovery from any illness or injury, enhanced sexual performance and improved mood and better memory.

Most of the HGH releasers contain amino acids, L-arginine in huge doses which reduces its effectiveness with age and continued use. In youngsters the L-arginine may lead to high levels of HGH release. HGH releasers are combination of amino acids and vitamins.

HGH releasers are not specific. They lead to pituitary release of ACTH which causes increase production of adrenal cortisone which finally increases the process of aging. This adrenal cortisone will boost up energy which is short-lived. HGH releasers also increase appetite and lead to weight gain.

HGH releasers are also safe and quite affordable as compared to human growth injections which are expensive. There are different variations of HGH. Some HGH releasers contain homeopathic HGH and other supporting components. Most others contain combination of homeopathic HGH and other supplements which do not have HGH but boosts to produce more growth hormone.

The results of HGH releasers might be slower as compared to HGH injections. But HGH releasers boost up the increase release of growth hormone. Although its effects are slower but are effective as compared to injections. Most HGH pills available today are also safer compared to injections. FDA approved HGH pills are available in the market in different varieties and dosages. Many HGH releaser supplements are also available today in the market. Going for a natural HGH supplement is advisable.

Many HGH releasers are available in the market today. These releasers contain various levels of amino acids necessary for HGH stimulation. Sytropin is a combination with homeopathic HGH, one of the HGH releasers. Sytropin combines with amino acid and homeopathic human growth hormone into a powerful supplement. HGR15 is also a type of growth hormone that stimulates the pituitary gland so that the body produces the growth hormone.