Research has shown that HGH does help in reversing the effects of aging, restoring the youthfulness and vitality. There are several facts about HGH that cannot be ignored too. It has been proved through research that HGH production reduces as we grow with age. There are several products available in the market today. Scientific studies have also proved that our body needs HGH so that our brain functions properly; the food that we eat gets converted into energy rather than fat, have beautiful skin and hair and good sleep.

Facts about HGH research:

After the age of 30, the secretion of HGH drops by 14% and by the age of 80 it is hardly produced. The primary cause of aging is decrease in the production of HGH. HGH is responsible for strong bones, muscles and other organs. The HGH research carried out in past few years states that HGH users can lose fat, build muscle mass, improve sexual performance, remove wrinkles and dark spots, increase immune and cardiac functions. HGH helps in balancing the most critical hormones of the body.

Presently it is also being researched about HGH has the ability to heal other conditions like dieting, body building, Down's syndrome etc.

It is also quite important to understand the benefits of HGH. It has been proved that HGH does affect the brain and the nervous system. According to the latest HGH research the ability of the brain is impacted to produce proteins which is useful in storing memory. HGH does stimulate those proteins that maintain the youthful ability necessary. HGH also plays a major role in maintaining the nervous system. HGH has also proved to enhance the youthfulness of the skin. Moreover HGH has also shown the effects on burns making them heal faster. Researches have also shown direct relation between the sexual functions and HGH. Rise in HGH levels have led to increase in better sexual functions.

There are certain side-effects of HGH too. Higher doses of HGH in HGH therapy leads to certain side effects like fluid retention, hypertension and carpel tunnel. Smaller doses certainly avoids these negative effects. Another side effect of strong dose of HGH is edema. Edema is not found in patients who use HGH in other forms than injections. Hence HGH should be taken in the prescribed amount, to avoid this side effect.

HGH products are available in the number of ways in the market. HGH can be taken through injections and oral sprays. HGH pills are also being used widely today. HGH oral spray is available without prescription.