HGH is a protein based hormone. HGH is naturally found in the body of every human being. HGH is responsible for overall growth and development. HGH is naturally produced in our body. HGH production is at peak during adolescence. Gradually as we across this period of our lives the HGH goes down. HGH is important and is the main cause of growth. The hormones in the body react with receptors that are present on the surface of the cells. The hormone then acts as a stimulant and helps to stimulate and build up cartilage. Hence body builders use anabolic steroids as supplements. If our body continue to produce HGH then the tissues and cartilage develop thereby giving protection against diseases and other anti-aging effects. The side effect of HGH is like pain in the joint and increase in blood pressure. The side-effects of steroids are different in males and females. The side effects of steroids in males are reduction in sperm count, shrinking of testicles and development of breasts. In females the side-effects are growth of facial hair, mood swings and psychological disorders, deepening of voice and growth stops in teens prematurely.

It is important for an individual to understand the production cycle of HGH. Hormone levels in a person are regulated and maintained by a thermostat. The HGH levels are maintained somewhere from the lower-medium level to the higher-medium level. If an athlete goes against the normal hormonal thermostat the hormone levels exceeds the normal production in a human body. HGH speeds up the strength of the muscles which helps in oxygenation of blood and increases the strength of the bone. The human body cannot control if the steroids contain the HGH because the advantages are absent if the raw hormone is injected in the human body.

A number of HGH steroids are available in the market today. Both steroids and HGH can be used safely under the direction of a physician for a short period of time. For body builders HGH does produce results like steroids. HGH supplements can be taken in various ways in the form of pills, sprays and injections. Body can be encouraged to produce more and more HGH which helps in building up muscle mass and tissue and also produce almost same effects like anabolic HGH steroids. Anabolic steroids cause side-effects if they are used for a long period of time.