The process of aging cannot be stopped but certain aspects of it can be slowed down to a significant level according to the research studies. Supplementation of hormone can slow as well as reverse the process of aging. Pre mature aging is associated with deficiency of human growth hormone.

HGH studies show that supplementing with vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients along with hormone replacement is a great way to slow the process of aging.

Dr. Daniel Rudman's HGH studies show the effect of HGH with hormone replacement therapy. The study showed that there was a significant improvement in cholesterol profile, increase in good cholesterol and decrease in bad cholesterol. These patients had hormone replacement therapy which led to increase in their growth hormones. More other HGH studies have shown that increasing the levels of HGH can lead to longevity and life extension and makes the person look younger. Other HGH studies show that enhancing HGH results in removing wrinkles, improves the firmness of skin, elasticity and thickness and also helps in re-hydrating the cells.

HGH studies also show that HGH has healing powers that help in healing of wounds faster and also re-grow burnt skin. Insomnia is reversed and helps in better and sound sleep. It elevates the mood and also lifts the sprits high. It is also essential for weight lifters and enhances the performance of exercise, allows to do intense work outs of longer duration.

A study shows that after giving HGH replacement therapy for six months, the person who was deficient in HGH actually lost 20% of his body fat. Most of the fat loss occurred in the abdomen which is correlated with heart attacks. Another HGH study carried out in the year 1996 showed that the patients who were treated with HGH and had moderate to severe heart failure, enhanced the ability of the heart to contract and pump out blood. Also it helped to reduce the oxygen required for the heart, improved the capacity of exercise and the quality of life of the patient.