The various HGH tests are carried out to determine growth hormone deficiencies. The different tests of HGH are somatotropin hormone test, growth hormone suppression test, Somatomedin C test and stimulation test for growth hormone.

Somatotropin test is done to check the levels of HGH. A sample of blood is taken after one hour of sleep to ensure accurate readings. High levels of HGH lead to gigantism and acromegaly whereas if the level of HGH is not enough then it causes stunted growth.

Somatomedin C test is done to check the ability of the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone and acromegaly.

Growth hormone stimulation test or insulin tolerance test checks the production of HGH in the body. In this type of HGH test insulin injection is given first and then blood sample is taken. This procedure is done frequently. This test is the most accurate indicator of HGH deficiency.

Glucose Loading test or growth hormone suppression test is done for access HGH found in the body. In this particular test two samples of blood are taken. The first sample of blood is taken before the glucose is given and the second blood sample is taken two hours after the glucose is given.