HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a important hormone of the human beings released from the anterior pituitary gland located in the brain. It is basically a protein which is made up of 191 amino acids. Normally, the level of HGH is highest during adolescents but decreases after the middle age. As a result, it causes adverse effects on the body in terms of energy level, muscle and bone strength. So it is recommended for the people to do regular exercises, eat healthy diet and have sound sleep so that HGH level remains under normal levels.

Functions of natural HGH are: natural growth of the body, increase in protein synthesis, decreases fat content, increase in blood glucose level, and metabolism of calcium and improves immunity. The levels of natural HGH decreases with age due to: age related decrease in the nerve cells of brain,growth hormone levels decrease and increased levels of somatostatin.

Two of the most important natural hormone releasing supplements are sytropin and genf20. This both are taken orally in the form of tablets or spray which stimulates to release HGH after absorption. Such supplements have lot of benefits with no side effects at all as they causes the release of natural HGH in the body. Some of the advantages of taking such supplements are loss of body fat, development of lean muscle mass, delaying aging process and tightening of skin.

Exercise above the lactate threshold stimulates the secretion HGH in which fat is used as fuel. This helps in keeping the body fat down and muscle mass high. The natural ways to stimulate HGH are: exercise, sleep, food and nutrition. Even a light exercise which is done daily stimulates the levels of HGH. For better results avoid taking food two hours before exercising. Natural HGH is stimulated during deep sleep and at least eight hours of sleep is essential. Food rich in carbohydrates like nuts, legumes, beans and whole grains should be included in daily diet as it boosts the secretion of natural HGH.