Synthetic HGH was a breakthrough by scientists when people experienced growth related problems due to lack of HGH. Synthetic HGH was created to combat the lack of HGH hormone. Synthetic HGH is given in the form of injections. There are several side-effects of taking synthetic HGH. There might be stoppage of HGH production in the body after taking this.

Synthetic HGH is a supplement for the body. Synthetic HGH is used by all those who do not have enough lean muscle mass, who suffer from excess fat and growth problems including body builders. Body builders use synthetic HGH in the form of injections for stamina and energy. Synthetic HGH does help in reducing the process of aging up to a certain level. These are expensive but help in losing weight without exercise.

Synthetic HGH injections should be taken very carefully. They are risky for people who do not have HGH deficiency. Overdose of HGH may cause fluid retention, insulin resistance and headaches. Out of the many advantages that HGH has it also helps in the production of red blood cells. HGH also improves the development of tissues, brain functions, and growth in children, development of muscles and bones and cells too.

Along with the advantages of HGH there are certain side-effects too. They include joint pains, edema, diabetes etc. As HGH helps in the growth of cells and occurrence of cancer might take place due to this uncontrollable growth of cells. The other possible concern could be aging that might come if HGH injections are stopped. Hence natural HGH therapy is always a better option for human growth hormone.